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Our vision is to be a “value driven, world class group, spearheading innovative and sustainable solutions”. Working towards this vision, A.T.E. has developed 6 core technologies – textile spinning, industrial IoT, wastewater treatment, heat exchange, static and ink control, and print control and vision systems. We have several patents to our credit. Our core technologies are developed through our deep domain expertise in the fields, assimilation of customer insights, dedicated research and development, as well as our commitment to addresses customers’ business and technology demands sustainably.

Textile spinning - ATE Group


Textile Spinning


Manufactures precision spinning machinery components comprising drafting systems, spindles, and other precision spinning machinery components and accessories under the brand TeraSpin .


Heat exchange - ATE Group

Heat Exchange

Designs and manufactures indirect and direct evaporative cooling products with the innovative heat exchanger technology – DAMA (Dry Air Moist Air) – at their core. Also manufactures air-to-air heat exchangers that conserve energy and provides operational savings.


Internet of things - ATE Group

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT-based continuous remote monitoring systems enable effective and efficient management of industrial plants and equipment. Already productised for various segments, this technology allows for the seamless integration of data acquisition, Big Data analytics, and industrial process know-how.


Static and Ink control - ATE Group

Static & Ink Control

Designs and manufactures static control and ink handling and conditioning systems that are designed to improve safety, productivity, and quality for a plethora of industries.


Wastewater group - ATE Group

Wastewater Management

Introduced several innovations in the field of industrial industrial wastewater treatment such as AAA (anerobic, aerobic, air flotation), AVR (Anerobic Venturi Reactor), AHR (Anaerobic Hybric Reactor) and the like.


print control and vision systems

Print Control and Vision Systems

Design and manufacture of fiber optic sensor and camera-based automatic color register control systems with the latest technology platform which ensures one of the fastest response/correction signals for rotogravure, in-line flexo and offset printing presses. Launched a range of vision systems including LED based stroboscopes, web viewing and monitoring systems and 100% print inspection systems.


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