Associated Textile Engineers (A.T.E.), is founded by S H Bhagwati to sell textile machinery in India.


Atul Bhagwati joins A.T.E. A.T.E. brings European textile technology to India, through representations of leading manufacturers. Over the next few years, the organisation grows. In addition to this, A.T.E. helps several of A.T.E.’s European principals find Indian licensees.


Prakash Bhagwati joins A.T.E., and heads the group’s manufacturing efforts and adoption of technology in India.


Formation of Stovec Industries Limited, a joint venture with Stork N. V., Netherlands (for manufacturing rotary screen printing machines, accessories and engraved screens for the textile printing industry and pre-sensitized positive/negative aluminum offset plates for the graphic arts industry).


Formation of A.T.E. Industries Private Limited. Licensor: C. Eugen Maier (1975), (for manufacturing flyers for textile spinning).


Formation of Trumac Engineering Company Private Limited, a joint venture with Trützschler GmbH & Co KG, Germany (for manufacturing blow rooms, cards, and draw frames for the textile spinning industry). Today, Trumac is known as Truetzschler India Private Limited.


Formation of Erhardt + Leimer (India) Limited, a joint venture with Erhardt + Leimer GmbH, Germany (for manufacturing web-guiding, web-tension monitoring and control systems for textile, paper, foil, film, packaging, tyre and non-woven industries).


Formation of Johnson Pump (India) Limited, a joint venture with Johnson Pump AB, Sweden (for manufacturing self-priming pumps, process pumps, multistage pumps, internal gear pumps, marine pumps and flexible impeller pumps for marine, pharmaceutical, environmental engineering, chemical, petrochemicals, food, paper and general industries).


  Anuj Bhagwati, son of Atul Bhagwati, joins the group.    


Formation of cooperation with A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co, Germany for manufacturing stenters in India.


Formation of Zinser Textile Systems Private Limited, a joint venture with Zinser, part of the Saurer Group, Germany / Switzerland (for manufacturing roving frames for the textile spinning industry).


Formation of A.T.E. Technologies Bangladesh Private Limited.


Formation of Ecoaxis (for providing machine-to-machine solutions across industries and manufacturing register control systems for printing, packaging and publication industries).


Restructuring of ownership of the A.T.E. Group between the families of Atul Bhagwati and Prakash Bhagwati. A.T.E. Private Limited, the group holding company, is now owned by Atul Bhagwati and family. A.T.E. Industries Private Limited (now known as Inspiron Engineering Private Limited), Erhardt + Leimer (India) Private Limited, Johnson Pump India Limited, and Stovec Industries Limited are spun off from the A.T.E. group.


Entry into clean technology through investment in HMX Systems Private Limited, which manufactures innovative and energy efficient products for comfort cooling.


Further investment in clean technology through investment in A.T.E. Envirotech Private Limited (formerly known as Alps Environmental Technologies Private Limited), which provides solutions in the field of water and wastewater management.


Investment in Valence Electrons Private Limited, providers of world-class industrial static control products and solutions.


Acquisition of the textile machinery component business of SKF India Ltd and formation of TeraSpin .  


Merger of HMX Systems Private Limited and EcoAxis Systems Private Limited with A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited.


Divestment of A.T.E.’s stake in Zinser Textile Systems Private Limited.


A.T.E. partners with the Chandra family to set up the A.T.E. Chandra Foundation, a non-profit organisation that anchors the philanthropic grant-making of the Chandra family and the A.T.E. Group.


A.T.E. ties up with HUBER SE, Germany, to form A.T.E. HUBER Envirotech (formerly known as A.T.E. Envirotech) to provide a comprehensive range of wastewater treatment, recycling, and sludge management solutions.


Formation of KARL MAYER Textile Machinery India Private Limited – a joint venture among KARL MAYER, Rabatex Industries and A.T.E. for the manufacture and sale of warp preparation machines and creels.


Formation of AxisValence business unit under A.T.E. Enterprises combining the businesses of print and packaging equipment of A.T.E. Enterprises and the products of Valence Electrons.


Formation of AxisValence business unit under A.T.E. Enterprises combining the businesses of print and packaging equipment of A.T.E. Enterprises and the products of Valence Electrons.

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