Established in 1939, A.T.E. has evolved into a multifaceted engineering group offering world-class products and solutions spanning several segments. A.T.E.’s businesses encompass manufacturing, industrial sales, distribution, and service and has gained expertise in handling turnkey projects.


A.T.E. is respected for its values-based operations and builds deep relationships with all its stakeholders.  The group is also deeply committed to societal wellbeing and has been working on achieving social goals through its businesses.


A.T.E. was founded as a part of India’s freedom movement. The idea – to sell high quality German textile machinery in India to challenge the prevailing British monopoly in the field. This endeavour helped in the modernisation and growth of the Indian textile industry, which now holds a strong position in the world. A.T.E. today is recognised as a leader in textile engineering in India, offering end to end solutions across the textile value chain.


A.T.E. also diversified into the fields of flow technology and print and packaging equipment in the 1970s, thus building-up expertise in diverse fields.


In the 2000s, a new generation of management took over the reins at A.T.E. The strategies going forward was to build on the businesses A.T.E had been in, but also go further in achieving social objectives. Well before “green” became a buzzword, A.T.E. decided to build up environmental businesses. Moreover, A.T.E. thought it right to “invent in India”, and set about creating original and sustainable products and solutions. And so, in 2006, A.T.E. started developing products based on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology. Since then, A.T.E. has also developed technologies and deployed products in wastewater treatment, eco-friendly cooling and heating solutions. So, A.T.E. encompasses three essential elements of life: Air, waTer, and Energy.


A.T.E. has developed several cutting-edge technology products and solutions and has a number of patents to its credit.


A.T.E.’s business operations at a glance:

      • Textile Engineering – Cutting edge machinery solutions for every textile process. Visit page
      • Wastewater Treatment – Comprehensive range of wastewater treatment and recycling solutions for various industries Visit page
      • Cooling and Heating – Energy efficient, 100% fresh air solutions for space or process cooling. Concentrated solar thermal energy solutions for industrial process heating. Visit page
      • Value-added Equipment for Textiles, Packaging, etc. – Register control, viewing and inspection, and ink conditioning, electrostatic control, and heat recovery from exhaust air. Visit page
      • Intelligence of Things – Wisdom from data in things for sustainable growth and profits. Visit page

A.T.E. is now a Star Export House, recognised by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry (Government of India). The certificate can be viewed here (PDF, 58 KB).


All A.T.E. group companies are certified under ISO 9001:2015.

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